GRO, an agency specialized in GROWTH for businesses

Lead generation and Martech for B2B or B2C companies

Looking for a Growth Hacking agency in Quebec or France? Gro is your business partner who will take you to the next step.

How do we help them?
How do we help them?

Since Gro’s inception, a large part of the company has been focused on helping companies grow with technology. What does “growing with technology” mean? It means that we use the best digital tools available on the market (CRM, CMS, Martech, Automations, etc.) to maximize the performance of advertising campaigns.

We have completed hundreds of mandates of content creation, Inbound Marketing / Martech and eCommerce projects for the automotive industry, construction, service companies (B2B and B2C), eCommerces, coaching and more.

Our team of experts in digital marketing, content creation (blog, visuals, videos, photos) combined with our SAAS department makes Gro a must-have agency for companies that want REAL growth! Gro is the #1 reference in Growth Hacking whether you are in Montreal, elsewhere in Quebec or in France.

200+ growth projects completed 90% of projects are successful 3 countries: Canada, France and Switzerland

Gro Growth Certifications

Meta Business Partners

These are companies certified for their expertise. They have the experience to help you grow your business, from running ads to selling products, interacting with your customers, and so much more!

TikTok Marketing Partners

A growing community of tech companies has emerged, helping marketers tap into their creativity and grow their businesses on TikTok. These TikTok Marketing Partners are licensed experts who create, implement and measure ad campaigns that inspire our community.

Shopify Partners

The Shopify Partner Program is a community of web designers, developers, digital marketers, creative agencies, and freelancers who help merchants start, sell, market, and/or manage their e-commerce businesses.

Klaviyo Partner

Klaviyo helps growth-focused brands drive more sales with super-targeted and highly relevant email, Facebook, and Instagram marketing.

Google Ads Partners

Reach more potential customers online with the help of a Google Partner. Our partners have the Google Ads skills and expertise to optimize your campaigns and help you achieve the results you expect.


Boost your growth
Boost your growth

Gro Studio de Croissance is a team of 10 marketing and technology experts. This merger makes Gro experts in Martech. We can easily integrate marketing projects with your CRM or ERP to ensure a frictionless experience between marketing and your sales or operations department.

Our team of experts in Martech is made up of specialists in organic search engine optimization (SEO), Adwords (SEM), Social Media Marketing (SMM), automated texts/emails and eCommerce management (Shopify) and much more!

We also have an in-house content creation team: videos, photos, graphic design, animations, writing, etc. A 360 service for companies that want to grow the right way.

How we help companies grow

Their vision and guidance have allowed me to grow!
Mathieu Masse Fondateur – Les chèvres dansantes
Gro’s lead is beyond impressive!
David Schneiderman Founder –
The Laperle Corp crew uses Gro’s methods daily
Ludvic Laperle Fondateur – Laperle Corp.

GRO testimonials
GRO testimonials

With their straightforwardness, Gro has the ability to simplify, demystify and put into practice very quickly an action plan. From our first meeting, they knew how to “bust my utopian balloon” that I had in my company. Their vision and support allowed me to grow and seize the opportunity offered by technology and virtual automation.

Mathieu Masse Fondateur – Les chèvres dansantes

Carl’s lead is beyond impressive. He was able to bring our e-commerce business to life and has never let the traction stop. I would recommend Carl to anyone!

David Schneiderman Founder –

Gro’s mission is to accompany entrepreneurs in a quest that appeals to us all: Automation and business growth. His precise and brilliantly designed strategies will sail your ship to its peak. The Laperle Corp crew uses Gro’s methods daily.

Ludvic Laperle Fondateur – Laperle Corp.

Mélissa Brunet – Associate, Growth Studio

Melissa Brunet is a partner and runs the Growth Studio with the help of Axel Oreste. Mélissa has a solid background in eCommerce management and lead generation for coaches (Real Coaches!).

Since then, she has worked with Flip Académie, Collège mRex, Bulles et Pirouettes, Faire + avec -, Quartz, Nova-Pharma, Two Bears, etc. Her leadership has allowed Gro to grow tremendously in the last 2 years. She can count on a solid team for the realization of Martech’s mandates and for the creation of marketing content!