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The Gro team does photography, video, graphic design, writing and more! For Gro content, this is the place to be!

How do we help them?
How do we help them?

Content marketing is at the heart of any sound marketing strategy, and has been for several years now. To learn more about content marketing, we’ve written several blog posts on “Content Marketing” in the past year, available by clicking here. Now, how can Gro help you with your content marketing?

By setting up a brand with visuals that are bold, ambitious and of high quality. This is what we have done for Buzznation, Nova-Pharma, and several other companies in various fields of activity.

– Content Strategy
– Graphic Design
– Copywriting
– Social Media Management
– Newsletters
– Videos
– Photos

Growth is the heart of GRO & It’s all about content.

Would you like to work with people who deliver projects that are out of the ordinary? This is the place to do it.

From GRO content marketing

We’ve deployed a highly effective content marketing strategy since July 2019, with over 100 blog posts and videos in less than 16 months. In addition, we have a new Youtube channel, 2 eBooks, an online training, a monthly newsletter, etc. Our audience has been very appreciative and we’ve been getting requests for help in implementing content marketing strategies ever since.

We have teamed up with Helpy Media and Philip Chénard to deliver a unique, affordable and most importantly, cost effective approach! Our vision is to create good quality content for a fraction of what traditional agencies would charge.


Gro – Marketing content
Gro – Marketing content

We focus on what pays off in the short (visibility), medium (awareness) and long term (SEO) to maximize our fees and content creation costs. The better you are in front of a camera, the faster you will have an ROI. Not comfortable in front of the camera? We will determine together a strategy to ensure a good profitability.

Educational video vignettes:

Interactive videos are very relevant for several reasons: they are not expensive to create, they are easy to use, they can be converted into blog posts and finally, they are good for SEO.

Microcaps with subtitles :

Subtitles are now essential: 80% of videos on the web are watched without sound. In addition, it allows for better SEO on YouTube and on Google.

What are the benefits of content marketing?

Besides looking sexy, what are the benefits of content marketing? The better your marketing, the less it will cost in media placement. What is media placement? It’s the cash we give to platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. to display ads to a specific audience.

Content marketing is about writing relevant blog posts, creating educational and entertaining videos about your niche, doing lives with influencers in your industry, filming testimonials, creating business cases, etc. I highly recommend creating online training and/or challenges. For example, our Gro Challenge is available here.

Here are the biggest benefits of content marketing:

– Greatly helps your brand awareness
– Lowers your cost per acquisition and your media placement
– Can help your SEO, if used properly
– Gives free visibility…if used properly

Live multi-angles in partnership with Helpy Media


Video & Technology
Video & Technology