Gro is an agency specialized in Martech and Inbound Marketing

for B2B or B2C companies in France, Montreal and elsewhere in Quebec!

What is Martech and how does it work?

Martech and the combination of marketing and technology. Thanks to pixels (Beacons, Tags, etc.), companies can now better understand the path taken by their prospects and customers in real time. When marketing efforts are combined with the effective use of a CRM (Customer Relationship Management), that’s when your business growth will be at its most effective.

No more siloed departments. Your sales teams will not only know the source of their lead, but which pages and when they visited your website, what types of emails they consult, what industry they are in, etc.

It is by gathering as much detail as possible about your market that you will then be able to run surgically targeted campaigns. Martech combines inbound marketing and lead nurturing with relevant content delivered to the right prospects to generate revenue for your business.

100M$ in revenue generated since 2019 10 experts at your service 90% of decisions are made on the net

    Martech and Inbound Marketing Agency in Montreal

    Since the agency’s inception in 2018, we have been fortunate to work on Martech and Inbound Marketing mandates for several B2B or B2C industries. However, what has allowed us to experience significant growth is our commercial activity in France and Switzerland for the largest automotive groups in the world.

    This opportunity gave us the opportunity to manage considerable marketing budgets (up to $10K/day/campaign) and to accompany some dealerships in their digital shift.

    Our desire is to bring our expertise in Martech and Inbound Marketing to businesses of all sizes, in Quebec and across Canada. Our Martech and Inbound Marketing clients vary greatly: Online coaches, transportation companies, construction companies, B2B and B2C services, eCommerces, etc.

    If you have a sales team and you want to grow in turbo mode, you can’t miss Automated Marketing. Several articles are available in the blog section to enlighten you on this strategy that is still little known to entrepreneurs and even marketers.


    Growth and efficiency
    Growth and efficiency

    Our mission with Quantum Training is to accompany them in the implementation of Pipedrive CRM and Autopilot on a regular basis in addition to doing the advertising management on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.

    We have been fortunate to work with the Quantum Training team for over a year. The reason for their success is mainly due to the quality of their services and their online training platform.

    We were able to optimize their growth with the implementation of Pipedrive CRM. Pipedrive is used to route leads to the right representatives from our marketing campaigns. It is also a very inspiring and innovative company with strong growth! Good job!

    Do you want growth?

    Martech and Inbound Marketing combined with good content marketing is the Golden Trio.

      Basically, marketing automation (Martech) is about creating an automated experience for your customers and prospects, but also for your reps! You can, for example:

      • Send a notification to your representative if your prospect ends up on a specific page of your website,
      • Send email and SMS reminders based on pre-established criteria,
      • Wish your customers a happy birthday,
      • Upsell with related products based on your customer journey,
      • Score your customers based on their interaction with you and your content,
      • Etc.

      It is also possible to personalize the customer experience on different social media, depending on the interaction. For example, you can segment your videos in steps: those who watched more than 50% of the first video, you retarget them with the second. If they watch more than 50% of this one, you retarget them with an eBook or an offer, etc. 

      A demo will allow you to know all the advantages and the HUGE ROI on the short, medium and long term of such a system!