GRO, specialist in efficiency for companies

Specialist in the implementation of CRM software Pipedrive, Monday, Kajabi and more!

Specialized in Monday & Pipedrive CRM
Specialized in Monday & Pipedrive CRM

When companies accumulate this DATA, the opportunities to provide a personalized experience and service become much easier to implement. All businesses that want to grow effectively need to use a CRM and automated marketing strategy!

In addition to offering efficiency, we can also help companies in their growth strategies. Over the years, we have helped many companies in Montreal, France and Switzerland in their quest for clients.

**We are the only company in Quebec certified as a Monday Channel Partner and Pipedrive Elite Reseller. Do business with the best! ***

5 years of experience on 10K hours worked on Monday projects. 800 people trained on 125 Pipedrive CRM projects completed

We are GRO – Efficiency
We are GRO – Efficiency

Your business can become efficient and grow with technology

Don’t make the mistake of not going digital! Your company can become efficient and grow thanks to technology if you plan this step correctly. Our team of consultants and experts in strategy, programming and implementation of CRM and Martech systems can help you make the right decisions!

Don’t know where to start? Start at the beginning! Ask for a free phone consultation or subscribe to our chatbot! The best way to understand automation and personalized service is to be part of it!

Many entrepreneurs are afraid of “being tiresome” to their audience. I understand them! We all hate receiving irrelevant promotions or content that we are not interested in. When Martech systems are implemented in the right way and combined with an Coptimal CRM, it is rather the opposite effect that we see.

We all like to be unique. Automated and personalized marketing gives customers that feeling.

Moreover, when Martech is combined with an optimal CRM, your salespeople can also take a personalized approach. The closing rate is often increased by 40% or more!

Want to become efficient?

Technology is at the heart of successful and efficient businesses.