GRO, agency specialized in the implementation of Pipedrive CRM

Pipedrive CRM is the #1 software for companies that want to grow!

Why use Pipedrive CRM in your company?

CRM is a software that allows you to better manage your customers, on your computer or on your cell phone!

Why Pipedrive ?
Why Pipedrive ?

Integration with Quickbooks and other software possible

Are you wasting too much time entering information in multiple places? It’s over with Pipedrive CRM.

Powerful features and automation

A prospect visits your website? Send a notification to your seller! Endless possibilities!

Great ease of use

In 10 hours of training, your team will be Pipedrive CRM pros! Easy for everyone

    Pipedrive Elite Resellers
    La meilleure équipe au Québec, c’est Gro!

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    Pipedrive testimonials – What they think

    30% more efficient with Pipedrive!
    Nicolas Pilon System Center Dudes
    Bravo et merci pour la valeur que tu amènes à notre équipe
    Éric Paul Génération eCom
    Don’t miss out talk to this guy at least once
    Taina DiNapoli DiNapoli & Caffein Pushers

    Pipedrive Testimonials
    Pipedrive Testimonials

    Carl and Gro are definitely pros in their field. They are also very pleasant to work with. Their CRM trainings are relevant and I suggest them to everyone if your goal is to implement Pipedrive. Thanks Carl!

    Nicolas Pilon System Center Dudes

    C’est rare que je refère ou recommande publiquement des entreprises. Mais c’est avec plaisir que je prends le temps de remercier Carl et son équipe pour leur accompagnement.

    Leur accompagnement/coaching, intégration et automatisation de notre CRM et de nos ventes a été un déclencheur et un « game changer » pour nous !

    Éric Paul Génération eCom

    My business partner that I enjoy working with the most. When a creative has discipline: you get crazy projects done on time. My CRM, my online approach, my automations and my adds: it’s them (at Gro) and Carl

    Taina DiNapoli DiNapoli & Caffein Pushers

    Implementation of Pipedrive CRM in Montreal and elsewhere in Quebec

    Since 2019, we have integrated Pipedrive for companies in Switzerland, France and Quebec (Canada). Totalling 125 companies and 1000 users, we have quickly become the #1 team in Quebec of companies implementing Pipedrive. We have written several case studies available here or on our blog.

    Pipedrive CRM is a tool for companies that want to better manage their growth and their sales team.

    In addition to synchronizing with several other digital tools such as Mailchimp and Quickbooks, Pipedrive allows you to synchronize emails, calendars, tasks and phone calls in one place. Starting at $17.50 CAD per month, Pipedrive CRM has been ranked as the best value CRM in the world.

    Used by over 130,000 companies worldwide and compatible with Facebook,Zapier and more, Pipedrive will be your best ally for years to come!

    What does a CRM do for your business?

    What is the purpose of a CRM for your company? A CRM will allow you to centralize information in a single location, automate recurring tasks, accumulate rich and relevant information on your customers and prospects, and above all, help you offer a quality and personalized service.

    The new generations of CRM are flexible, affordable and easy to use. Unlike in the past, today’s CRMs are available on a SAAS basis, i.e. on a monthly rental basis.

    Gro offers integration, implementation, monitoring, training and coaching services for all companies that wish to optimize and become efficient. The return on investment of a CRM is often 3 to 4 months when used optimally. Our clients who have implemented a CRM are companies in Montreal, on the North Shore, but also in Switzerland.

    Gro : Beyond the classical implementation of a CRM

    As we also specialize in technology for businesses, we are able to advise and implement CRMs according to your growth needs.

    Gro’s team is one of the few agencies to be Pipedrive Elite Partners, which means we are authorized to do implementation in companies and have very deep expertise with their software.

    We can also help you with some of the most powerful software for related solutions such as online bidding/estimating solutions (Proposify, PandaDoc), software synchronization (Zapier, Integromat), Automated Marketing/Martech (Autopilot, Active Campaign) and more.

    Training and coaching for CRMs

    As for many companies the use of digital tools is not commmon, we have put in place a robust training plan to help you implement your CRM. We can also offer you personalized coaching through the purchase of hour banks.

    Since the key to success in your CRM project is rigor and discipline, our daily or bi-weekly support often makes all the difference. Our attentive team will provide you with a weekly report containing recommendations and points to watch in the use of your new CRM.

    Would you like to optimize your efficiency with the integration of an automated marketing system to your CRM?  It is also possible to do so! More information is available here!