Implementation of LMS – Kajabi by GRO

Gro is an agency specialized in the implementation of the LMS Kajabi

What is Kajabi – LMS and what is it for?

Kajabi is an LMS software that allows you to put online digital trainings for your employees or your clients. We have implemented online training systems for coaches and agencies as well as for companies who wanted to automate their employee onboarding process.

Kajabi is in our opinion the perfect balance between functionality, ease of use and cost (integration and monthly fees). Starting at $199 per month for the monthly fee and $4950 for the full integration of the platform, Kajabi can easily become a very profitable investment if you want to improve your processes or generate sales from your trainings.

Kajabi can even replace your website completely. Its simple interface (drag and drop) allows our customers to take control of their website to minimize development costs when their needs change.

Kajabi can also send mass emails, collect payments and most importantly, it can be connected to your ecosystem through Zapier, Integromat or via an API if your needs are more complex.

Our support is turnkey and includes platform training for your work team if you wish to take full control following delivery.

    1000 personnes sont formés automatiquement grâce à Kajabi

    Nous avons implanté Kajabi dans plusieurs entreprises depuis la dernière année. C’est plus de 1000 personnes qui sont coachées et/ou formées dans nos différents projets!

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    Why use Kajabi (LMS) in your company?

    Because it’s probably one of the best investments you can make in a business, to automate the onboarding of your employees or to sell your knowledge via digital training.

    1: No need to code / We take care of everything

    2: Monthly or project-based pricing

    3: Gro is Kajabi Expert (Gold Level)

    4: Available courses

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    The LMS Kajabi

    Kajabi is a LMS (Learning Management System) software that allows you to put online training courses for your employees or your customers.