Case studies in ERP, WorksOs and CRM implementation.

Case studies in construction, manufacturing and more!

Implantation d’un CRM pour une entreprise d’ingénierie

Génération de prospects pour une entreprise en TI

Implantation d’un CRM pour une entreprise en TI

Implantation d’un CRM pour une entreprise en ressources humaines

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Our case studies – CRM and ERP

Our case studies on CRM and lead generation implementation will help you understand better the benefits of using digital tools in your business or creating lead generation strategies. The goal of our mandates is always to provide a return on investment to our clients, as quickly as possible.

Despite the young age of our company, we have participated in the implementation of very complex CRM systems for companies in Montreal and Geneva. Our lead generation clients are mainly in Switzerland and France, in the automotive industry. However, we have started to offer this service to all types of companies in France, Switzerland and Quebec.

Between January 1 and July 1, 2019, we created and managed 90 campaigns in the automotive sector and generated over 5,000 leads. These mandates were carried out in “White Label” for the company specializing in automotive private sales, Peithocoaching.

Our mandates in Inbound Marketing and Martech

In our Inbound Marketing and Martech mandates, we generally focus on the medium term, i.e. 2 to 3 months before obtaining optimal results. Our campaigns always start with visibility on relatively large audiences and then become more and more specific.

After 3 to 4 weeks of visibility, the next step is usually to get clicks to blog posts or Canvas, formerly known as Facebook Instant Experience.

Finally, the last step is lead generation, either through the exchange of HVCs (high value content elements) in exchange for the prospect’s essential information or through very direct calls to action (CTAs).

For optimal results, an automated marketing strategy is essential in managing leads. Also, the use of a CRM often makes the difference between success and failure. To learn more about our marketing automation or CRM implementation services, click here!