An elite Gro commando in technology for special projects

The Skunkworks Squad works on often top secret projects for innovative companies in the real estate industry.

Our real estate clients have more than 10,000 doors.

How do we help them?
How do we help them?

We work with several software programs to create an integrated environment. What is an integrated environment? It is an ecosystem in which information is duplicated automatically and each software is used in its most powerful features.ù

There is currently no single software that allows for the complete development and management of a real estate portfolio. That’s why we work with, Pipedrive CRM, the Hopem suite and sometimes Quickbooks to ensure the vision of executives and managers of real estate companies.

What are the functionalities of an integrated ecosystem?

The only limits are those of your vision and our expertise.

Anything is possible.

The rental management of your park.

We connect Monday to your property management software to support it with additional features such as

– Internal communications and collaboration
– Website and display integration with
– Workflows and automation
– Access to complete and more intuitive visibility
– Inter
-departmental data exchange
– Customization across your ecosystem
– External communications with your tenants

You will never duplicate information manually again!

From project management to construction site

Monday has all the necessary features to manage your construction and renovation projects with task management and GANTT.

The application of ‘s features can be used in all your departments that require task and project management: Operations, Marketing, Human Resources, Finance, IT and Board of Directors.  is a WorkOs (Work Operating System), it acts as the brain and nervous system of your company and can manage specific needs without programming or complex updates.

Automations and workflow management

Our customers automate an average of 100,000 tasks per month using the platform to support their technology environment. What are automations and workflows? Here is an example for the management of POs and Payables:

1- Superintendent makes a request for a PO.
2- Project manager receives notification and accepts.
3- Supplier automatically receives PO via SMS and email.
4- Job is done, supplier sends an invoice via email.
5- Invoice is automatically read by the system.
6- Superintendent receives notification + task to approve invoice.
7- Superintendent approves, project manager receives notification.
8- Project manager approves, accounting receives request to pay.

Imagine the time saved!

To infinity and beyond, thanks to the dashboards.

Be in control of your business with powerful, highly visual dashboards. There is no limit to the dashboard possibilities and the KPIs you want to display:

-Occupancy rate
– Value of your property
– Payroll
– Budget
– Progress of work
– Performance of your leasing agents
– Etc.

Gro has the expertise to create a cockpit that every property manager dreams of…

    Welcome to the future
    You’re already there.

    Are you ready to invest in your efficiency with technology and a cutting-edge team? Gro’s SkunkWorks Squad has more than 15 major projects with property managers that range from 250 to 2500 doors each. Our promise: Understand the vision of entrepreneurs, managers and executives and implement it through technology.
    Leurs témoignages parlent d’eux-mêmes. Notre promesse: Comprendre la vision des entrepreneurs, gestionnaires et dirigeants et la mettre en application grâce à la technologie.

    Technology is Gro.


    We are GRO
    We are GRO

    Our certifications and partnerships
    Our certifications and partnerships

    Monday Channel Partners

    The only ones in Quebec

    Primmo – Hopem

    We work in collaboration with Hopem for the integration of your various digital tools

    Pipedrive CRM

    The best CRM tool for managing your tenant pipeline and automating your sales.