WorkOs software training by GRO

Monday software training has been delivered over 500 times since 2019 and has earned us Gold Channel Partners Certification.

How do we help them?
How do we help them?

Monday is one of the best management software available on the market. With the Process Automation training, you will be able to seamlessly synchronize your sales with your operations. The Process Automation module with Monday is recommended for entrepreneurs who already have a CRM in place and want to take their business to the next level.

This training is only relevant if you want to use Monday or are already using Monday. For users of other software like Asana, this training is not recommended. Virtual Training

    Gro is an agency specialized in growth and technology for all types of businesses. Having completed over 10,000 hours on Monday projects and hundreds of hours of training we offer full implementation services or training, online or virtual.

    Our software training is offered either online or in person. All of our trainings are tailored to your specific needs. For a free consultation or quote for implementation or training for  in French, please fill out the form.

    Monday, a simple and powerful WorkOs

    Monday has been listed on the New York Stock Exchange since June 2021 with a capitalization of 10 billion. is one of the world’s most popular software companies, operating in over 200 vertical markets.