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CRM Software Training – How does it work?

Our CRM software trainings are for all types of businesses or entrepreneurs. No basic knowledge is required to implement a CRM in your company or to follow the training. You can read the following article to understand what a CRM is for and why your company should have one in place.

The CRM software training is divided into 4 workshops of 4 hours. The first workshop consists in understanding how to map the processes of a company in order to do its own “mapping”.

The second workshop of the software training consists of understanding how CRMs work, their usefulness and an overview of Pipedrive, the tool we use together. Then, in the 3rd workshop, participants will have to make a list of their needs to determine which CRM is the most useful for their company.

Finally, the 4th workshop consists in starting the implementation of the CRM for your company with the support of the trainer.

Some companies need very specific CRM software, each participant will first have a phone session with a trainer to ensure that the training is relevant to them.

    Training on Pipedrive CRM

    In addition to implementing CRM systems in companies, Gro offers training in CRM software. CRM software, for Customer Relationship Manager, is an essential digital tool for the efficiency of a company.

    We are partners and experts in several CRM software products including Pipedrive and Active Campaign (CRM for E-Commerce). We also have proven expertise in the implementation of third party software such as e-proposal software and marketing automation tools (Martech)

    What other training is available?

    We offer training in automated marketing (Martech) with the Autopilot or Active Campaign tool. This training is perfect for small and medium sized businesses that want to grow efficiently and maximize their return on investment from their digital marketing.

    Finally, as we are experts in lead generation, our IBM (Intent Based Marketing) leadgen training combined with lead nurturing provides incomparable results! Do you have any questions about our CRM software training or any of our other training courses?

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