Ambitious web projects, for innovative companies.

We specialize in special projects. Do you have unique needs? A bold project that requires more than just a web showcase? Work with Gro.

Ambitious projects.
Bold results.

The web has an infinite number of possibilities. That’s where Gro is going: to infinity and beyond. Since Gro was founded, we have had the chance to work on several web site and web application projects.

100% custom projects, WordPress (Like gro’s website), Shopify, Prestashop…Whatever the platform, our fullstack team can help you:

– Art Direction
– Full-Stack Programmer
– SEO Specialist
– U/X and U/I Specialist
– Marketing Strategist
– Martech Expert
– Technology Expert (SAAS)

A large team focused on the realization and performance of technological tools, tied to your business.

    Audaciy, Ambition, Vision.
    Gro projects.

    We are selective in the selection of our web projects. We take on a small volume of large projects that are ambitious and innovative.

    Let’s look at how our respective teams can work together to implement your vision on the web.

    eCommerce, web applications, high-end showcase site, 100% custom platform, API, etc. Our expertise is limitless.

    Gro has over 50 web projects completed since 2018. Fill out the form to have a member of our team contact you shortly.