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Jill Devo

I had no idea that I would ever make a living from my art. Carl was quickly able to come up with a game plan for me and barely a month later I was flying solo!

Louis-Paul Baril

Entrepreneurs and Startups, I recommend Carl to draw up a clear and precise plan for your business. He will know how to assess your needs and help you achieve your goals! For growth hacking that will take your business to the next level, contact him!

Yan Laframboise

Not only has Carl helped me to take my business to the web, but he has also helped me to move into 2.0 mode as I grow! Great asset to grow your business!

Gabrielle Malboeuf

Carl is very forward thinking and has a very strong entrepreneurial vision. He puts things into action to achieve excellence. Very attentive, he knows how to push challenges to new horizons. If you need innovation in your company, I recommend him “all the way”.

Stéphanie Chalifour

Extremely effective!!! That’s the word that best describes Carl. He demonstrated true professionalism and thoroughness. I highly recommend Carl’s services for your business needs.

Romain Jolibois

I had the chance to work with Carl during his mandate with the LeadStream agency. He is a do-er and a teacher who always gives good advice and has great energy! Carl is gifted in creating the team spirit necessary for optimal performance. Always on the lookout for Facebook Advertising, he never misses an opportunity to try new things. His analysis and approach works and gets better as the trust grows! I highly recommend him, whether it’s for learning Facebook or for 10X your business!

Jean-Philippe Richer

Carl has been with us from the beginning, treating our company as if it were his own. His level of commitment to on-demand has made him an important part of our company. I would recommend him to anyone who needs help with web strategy, structure, marketing and so on. Thank you Carl

Simon Gauthier Julien

Carl taught me how to use Facebook to its full potential as an advertising platform. He helped me understand how to be more efficient and get better results. He has an excellent working method and helped me to work in a much more structured way.

Valérie Vachon

A service offering that goes beyond expectations and is undoubtedly ahead of any industry trend. Carl is a golden business partner and indispensable to any company that wants to increase its profitability. An impeccable popularizer, a fiery communicator and a leader at heart. Nothing complicated, to try him is to adopt him.

Benoit Rouleau

Energy, passion, know-how. This describes Carl and his strengths. Yes, we all think it’s a little special that he works on a Sunday afternoon in front of his screens with his chickens, but then again, so do most people who are known to think outside the box! Keep it up Carl

Mathieu Masse

With his straightforwardness, Carl has the ability to simplify, demystify and put into practice a plan of action very quickly. From our first meeting, he was able to “pop my utopian balloon” that I had of my business. He allowed me to grow and seize the opportunity that virtual automation technology can offer.

Cynthia Lee Ling

For incredibly enriching and well verbalized content! I had the opportunity to have a 90 minute coaching session with Carl and I came out 100 times more equipped! By putting the material I received into action, I am convinced that my business will “step-up” quickly! Thank you Carl!

Julie Therrien

Carl and his partner Jean-Philippe are aces in their field! In only a few hours, they have set up an automation and growth strategy for the company I work with. Organized, hardworking and reliable, I recommend their services without hesitation!

François Sauro

Carl is the real deal… honest, professional and knowledgeable in the field of marketing automation. For real. There are a lot of charlatans and witch doctors out there. Not Carl. He brings real solutions and allows you to move forward with real results. If you want to simplify your sales and make the phone ring, call him and his team!

Rachel Proulx

Carl is frankly a good trainer, very generous with his knowledge, it is a pleasure to work with him!

Danielle Gingras

We had a great time working with Carl to implement our Pipedrive CRM system. I recommend his service to other entrepreneurs who want to learn best practices for growth and optimization!

Philippe Lusignan

Carl is an expert in his field! We can feel the great passion he has for his work. I strongly suggest that you take advantage of his experience. He will provide you with the necessary tools to grow your business in an efficient manner.

Valérye Daviault

I had the chance to spend 1 hour with Carl during a consultation to optimize my processes and I came away with a great to-do list, accessible, efficient and that meets my needs. He is a good listener and has a great tool bag for entrepreneurs. P.S.: My business is only one year old. These services are available to any entrepreneur who wants to reach another level and improve. We’ll be in touch. Thank you for everything

Steve Léveillé

Pourquoi être en contact avec Carl? Il est le partenaire de travail que tout le monde voudrait, malheureusement il a sa compagnie en pleine croissance, heureusement il a comme mission de faire grandir de façon exponentielle ton entreprise, et même je suis convaincu qu’il aide ou aidera plusieurs personnes au niveau du développement personnel. Une entreprise saine par un esprit sain dans un corps sain. Je te la donne celle là! Bref, j’ai suivi Carl depuis quelques mois et je l’ai rencontré dans le cadre de ses #growthgames, de supers évènements pour les entrepreneurs. De toute mon équipe présente, tous disaient que Carl est une vedette dans son secteur et qu’il maîtrise son sujet. Si vous désirez faire grandir votre entreprise, la seule personne que vous devez contacter c’est Carl Durocher. PS: j’aimerais te dire qu’il ne m’a pas payé pour ce message, dans les faits il m’a tellement apporter en savoir que c’est comme si. 

Jonathan Thibault

As a true connoisseur of his subject, I am very pleased with Carl’s approach to consulting for the development of a CRM for Sparkium Studio. When you’re an entrepreneur/intrapreneur, you need tools that will allow you to miss opportunities. The days of scraps of paper and the not-so-suitable Trello are over thanks to his valuable advice and recommendations. I’m thinking of calling on his expertise again to go even further. Even from a distance, his simplicity and friendly approach made me forget that we were hundreds of miles away. I highly recommend him if you want to take your business to the next level.

Ludvic Laperle

Carl’s mission is to accompany entrepreneurs on a quest that appeals to all of us: automation and business growth. His precise and brilliantly designed strategies will sail your ship to its peak. The Laperle Corp crew uses Carl’s methods daily.

Adami Trudel

Carl is simply inspiring, positive, direct and outgoing and clearly demonstrates his passion for his field. I am proud to count him among my network of passionate entrepreneurs and experts in his field.

Nicolas Belleau

A machine! Carl masters his field of expertise. Long live automation

Christophe Guay

Carl est tout simplement un passionné, une machine en automation et stratégie. Notre entreprise à fait affaire avec Carl et cela nous a structuré pour nous permettre d’être alerte sur nos suivis et ne jamais manquer de ventes. Incroyable investissement!!!! Je recommande sans aucune hésitation

Alessandra Pintore

Carl et son équipe ont été un facteur déterminant dans la réussite de l’intégration du CRM dans notre entreprise. Disponibles, à l’écoute, flexibles et engagés. Les suivis et le soutien post-implantation sont excellents. Je recommande Carl avec enthousiasme.

Mick Déry

In automating my sales and follow-up processes, Carl has guided me a lot, through solid training with Made by Huddy. Thanks Carl!

Marc Lavoie

Carl’s live training is simply excellent. It’s straight to the point, easy to understand and the examples are very concrete. Make sure you don’t miss the next one, there are usually only a limited number of slots available.

Alex Labrie

J’ai eu la chance de suivre les formations de Carl et laissez-moi vous dire que j’ai jamais autant reçu de valeur en formation et coaching! Ça fais des années que je m’informe ici et là sur les CRM sans vraiment passer à l’action par manque de compréhension. Grâce à Carl, je sens vraiment que je vais passer à l’étape supérieur!

Martin Dionne

Carl’s training has clearly helped me automate my sales and marketing system! So effective, I got 4 leads in just 4 days of taking his training! He’s really a pro, and he definitely knows what he’s talking about! I highly recommend him!

Simon Marseille

Carl is the go-to guy for dead-on operations and marketing insights. He’s insightful and creative. A wonderful marketing team member and capable businessman. Je le recommande avec joie.

Eric Bourget

I would absolutely re-hire Carl and his team for any Martech project. He has one of those minds that can switch from high-level concepts to detailed execution and excel at both. He has helped our company setup the right Martech stack and continuously improve its performance. I was very happy with his expertise and professionalism.

Taïna (Coffee Queen) DiNapoli

My business partner with whom I enjoy working the most. When a creative has discipline: you get crazy projects done on time. My CRM, my online approach, my automations and my adds: it’s Them (at Gro) and Carl. Don’t miss out talk to this guy at least once.

Nick Pilon

Carl is definitely a pro in his field. He is also very pleasant to work with. These CRM trainings are relevant and I suggest it to everyone if your goal is to do growth hacking. Thanks Carl.

Étienne Cloutier

Carl is the reference in his field. Thanks to his talent for quickly understanding a company’s processes and popularizing automated marketing concepts, he can help you implement effective solutions with a very human approach.

Dave Baillargeon

After researching CRMs, I decided to work with Carl because I felt from our first meeting that he knew his stuff. He tells you honestly what he can do for you and what he can’t do. He suggested the best tools available for my project and built me a very clear map of the strategy he proposes. He is very professional but above all very competent. Thanks to his strategies and knowledge, he allowed my organization to offer a new and efficient solution that meets our needs in a very short time. For anyone who wants to increase the efficiency and sales of their business, I strongly recommend you to call him. Your ROI will prove to you that you made a great decision by contacting him. Thank you very much for your help and for sharing your knowledge!

Eric Paul

It is rare that I publicly refer or recommend companies. But it is with pleasure that I take the time to thank Carl and his team for their support. Their support/coaching, integration and automation of our CRM and sales was a trigger and a “game changer” for us! Bravo and thank you for the value you bring to our team. P.S don’t charge us more next time

David Richard

Depuis huit ans j’ai travaillé avec quelque firme pour mon marketing en ligne. Carl et son équipe occupe la première place. C’est un plaisir de travailler avec son équipe, compétent, créatif et flexible. Ils s’assurent que le client soit satisfait.

Alexandre Beaupré, ing., M.Ing.

Thank you Carl and your team for your support and your wise advice!

Denis Tardif

Carl Durocher: Brilliant, high performance with an incredible human touch. I am his client, but he makes me feel like a friend who wants me to achieve my growth objectives. He never ceases to surprise me with his leadership and his vision of business development.

Jonathan Trudel

We were in an IT mandate that had been going in circles for several months and Carl came into the company. Within 3 months, Carl and his team worked miracles!

Antoine Favreau

Great service, I highly recommend!

David Schneiderman

Carl’s lead is beyond impressive. He was able to bring our e-commerce business to life and has never let the traction stop. I would recommend Carl to anyone!

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