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    Agence Gro is located in Sainte-Thérèse, at 98 rue blanchard, suite 206-209. Fill out the form on the left and a member of our team will contact you!

    Why work with GRO for the implementation of a CRM and Automated Marketing (Martech)?

    We strongly believe that companies that wish to grow or to perpetuate must be innovative and efficient. Digital CRM and Martech tools offer today’s businesses effective and affordable solutions.

    We have developed a very niche expertise in the implementation of CRM for small and medium-sized businesses and in the creation of automated marketing campaigns. Our unique and personalized implementation method allows our clients to quickly reach their objective without neglecting the most important aspect: the user experience of YOUR clients!

    Gro works with companies in Quebec, France and Switzerland to help them in their technological development, both in their efficiency and in their growth.

    GRO’s team of specialists in Martech and CRM implementation in Montreal

    Since the beginning of Gro, Carl has set up an agency specialized in Martech and CRM implementation in Montreal and around the world. The Martech division has been tested and proven in some of the largest automotive groups in France and Switzerland.

    Beyond implementing systems, Gro’s mission is also to generate leads and convert them into customers in automated marketing strategies. Gro is:

    • Pipedrive CRM Elite
    • Monday.com Channel Partners
    • PandaDoc Partner
    • Active Campaign Reseller
    • Zapier Partner

    The Gro certifications
    The Gro certifications

    Pipedrive Elite Resellers

    More than 800 people have been trained by our team over the last 3 years in Canada and Europe. We have completed over 125 Pipedrive projects to date. All Pipedrive integrators are Pipedrive Experts certified.

    Gold Monday Channel Partners

    We are the only Channel Partner in Quebec and are one of two in Canada! We have over 10,000 total hours on Monday projects since 2018 and all of our integrators have completed the required Monday.com training path.

    PandaDoc Partners

    More than 50 projects completed with the help of PandaDoc for the generation of electronic proposals that pack a punch. PandaDoc is the software recommended by Pipedrive CRM.

    Zapier Academy

    The glue of the Internet, Zapier requires a lot of knowledge to ensure the seamless integration between the different software. Every member of our team is Zapier Academy certified. We offer monitoring services starting at $69 per month!