Implementation of a CRM for an engineering company

  • 8 September 2020
  • Carl Durocher
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I must admit that when Alexandre Beaupré of IGF Axiom contacted me to implement a CRM in his company, I was flattered. I am a self-made man in the field of technology and growth and I saw this mandate as a great challenge. Successfully implementing a CRM for an engineering company was my #1 mission.

Pipedrive CRM for engineers

The project consisted in implementing Pipedrive CRM for their business development, in addition to improving the management of mandates with the SEAO (public tenders) and to allow a better transition with their ERP (Microsoft Dynamics).

We began the mandate by mapping their growth process and the interplay between sales and operations. My colleague Clifford Cheung, Alexandre Beaupré and Stéphanie Boivin from IGF Axiom participated in this operation.

Importing a database with Pipedrive from Excel

IGF Axiom was using several Excel spreadsheets for their management and we had to integrate everything into Pipedrive. This complex operation required several attempts, but we finally succeeded in creating an almost exact picture of IGF Axiom in the Pipedrive CRM.

Company executives can now access accurate statistics on the projects they are bidding on.

Over 125 custom fields (also called Custom Fields/Variables) have been created to allow them to filter projects with great precision.

Automation of tasks in Pipedrive CRM

We have also created automated tasks to help the team remember to perform the actions that are essential to the proper use of a CRM, follow-ups are an example. The Pipedrive CRM allows for the creation of numerous automations that save a lot of time for sales and operations.

Is Pipedrive CRM a good tool for engineers?

According to Alexandre Beaupré of IGF Axion, definitely. He is generally very satisfied with Pipedrive, especially in terms of the quality/price ratio, to which he gave a score of 9/10. For the general functions, Alexandre gave a score of 7.5/10, which is excellent considering that they use the mega software Microsoft Dynamics as their ERP.

He really appreciated the speed at which Pipedrive develops features that integrators (us!) suggest to them. The IGF Axiom team asked me to suggest a feature to Pipedrive and it was developed in just two weeks.

The strong points of the project, according to Alexandre:

  • Our availability
  • Our dynamism
  • Our ethics and transparency
  • Very easy to book meetings with us or to get an answer
  • Very good quality/price ratio

Points to work on:

  • Some of our trainers are juniors
  • The import of the database could have been faster

Is Pipedrive CRM suitable for all companies?

We have not met any company for which Pipedrive CRM was not a good solution. However, the selection of a CRM is a project that must be thought through with the help of experts (like us!) since there are now thousands of solutions.

Perhaps Hubspot or Salesforce would be better suited to your needs… It’s all about budget and needs! However, implementing a CRM for an engineering company can be done 100% with Pipedrive CRM.